Immediate Protection Bankruptcy for pending foreclosure, repossession of a vehicle, or currently being garnished

Bankruptcy can assist in protecting your home from foreclosure while ensuring your family still have a place to live. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can put you in repayment plan that ensures you stay in your home and you catch up on the arrears owed to the mortgage company.

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Pending Repossession of your vehicle? NO PROBLEM!

Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can protect your vehicle from being taken under the Automatic Stay of the Federal Bankruptcy court. The choice of which chapter is best for you should be discussed with an attorney for accurate legal advice.

Garnishments PENDING? Currently being garnished?

Then bankruptcy is the only option for you to stop a garnishment or to lift a lien that has been placed on your bank account. Once a creditor has placed a garnishment against you, it is nearly impossible to stop.

A creditor must file a civil action against you, normally in General District Court in the jurisdiction where the debt is owed, in order to receive a judgment against you for the debt that the creditor claims you owe. If the judge finds that you owe this debt to the creditor, then a judgment will be issued against you.

Once the creditor has a judgment against they can (1) place a lien on your bank account, (2) place a lien on your real property, or (3) garnishment your income through your employer. The creditor will continue to do this until they have received the funds in full.

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Immediate protection bankruptcy