Needed documents

Upon meeting with us and figuring out your next step to your bright future,
by far, the most helpful documents you can have to provide to your attorneys office or specialist are the following:

1. Last 2 years tax returns (signed/dated)
2. Last 6 months pay stubs or award letters or 3 months profit loss statements, proof of income for total household and all sources.
3. Your PRE credit counseling certificate timely (they will usually send it automatically to your attorney)
4. A recent credit report is certainly helpful. You can obtain a free one at many sites now such as Be careful, even if you think a debt has been charged off, you still want to include them in your list of creditor information you provide to our staff.
5. A recent mortgage statement
6. Your filing fees. We can not file a case without your fees owed to the court and your low upfront attorney fees.